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We provide Federal and Local Government Disaster Management agencies an all hazard and early warning Alert Mapping system that ensures universal coverage. The system can be deployed under the principle of subsidiarity. It can be set up both centralized or decentralized with oversight from the lead disaster or emergency management agency.


  • Universal Early Warning Mapping System

  • Ideal for Disaster Risk Reduction

  • Inclusive and Community centred

  • Restore trust and transparency

  • Build resilience before disasters strike

  • No registrations or sign ups

  • People are 100% anonymous

  • Connect the dynamic Alert Map to your website

u goround  GIS mapping software solution

Cities and Towns

Deploy a geographic information system (GIS) that helps your city be safer and better prepared.  Information is clearly displayed with CAP (common alerting protocol) headers. Connect the dynamic alert map to your trusted (City) website. 


  • Dedicated channel for important location based information

  • Augment SMS/Social Media notifications

  • Built in rating system measures community sentiment

  • Post and Send multilingual alerts

  • Multiple agencies can use the same system

  • Map can be published on your website

  • Map can be found using a QR code

u goround  GIS mapping software solution

Law Enforcement

Police can deploy an Alert Map and Notification system that can both warn and inform. The platform can be set up at the local jurisdictional command with oversight from HQ. Ensure your community is the First to Know if anything happens. 


  • Create a new community engagement channel 

  • Build trust and transparency

  • Community can provide anonymous feedback

  • Use for: Missing Persons, Suspects Wanted and much more

  • Update incidents when resolved

  • Built-in analytics can measure engagement metrics

u goround  GIS mapping software solution

Emergency Management

We implement an easy to follow Alert and Incident Notification System. Make sure your communities have access to the latest alerts and updates. Cut through the noise with a dedicated, authoritative channel.


  • Augment sms/social media notifications

  • Can assist in recovery communications

  • Build awareness in peacetime

  • Update warnings when resolved

  • Geo Alerts, First to Know Alerts, Geo Surveys, Watch Zone alerts - all combine to enhance your response

u goround  GIS mapping software solution

Crises and Disasters

The platform can be deployed anywhere in the world and in minutes. Disaster managers can immediately establish a Crisis Map and post alerts and updates. Start informing those affected - what happened, what you are doing and when help is coming.


  • Deploys anywhere  in minutes

  • Critical comms before, during and after/recovery 

  • Send and Post multilingual notifications

  • Requires no sign up/registration

  • People can access your info anonymously

  • Ideal for Aid agencies, Humanitarian agencies, Emergency Operation Centers etc.

u goround  GIS mapping software solution

Utilities: Gas, Electricty, Water

Deploy your customized Alert Map and ensure your customers can see where issues are, what you are doing about it and when it may be resolved. Send alerts to your First to Know Group and post geofenced areas of concern on the Map.


  • Augment sms/social media notifications

  • List outages, upgrade works etc. clearly on the Map

  • Can be used to warn of impending supply disruptions

  • Post unlimited updates, and keep people informed 

  • Allow community feedback and rating

u goround  GIS mapping software solution

The Platform for Public Safety Warnings

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