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Incident and Alert Map

We set up a web based (GIS) Map that allows authorities an innovative way to post location based Incidents and Alerts. A dedicated and accessible Map connected to your website, will allow a variety of use cases that are localized and therefore hyper relevant to your community.


  • Customizable Alert Map

  • Link to your website/social media pages

  • List Warnings, Incidents and Notifications

  • Create custom category or event layers

  • Map can be found via QR code

  • Accessible Geographic Information (GIS)

WeSetUpYourAlertMap u goround  GIS mapping software solution .png

Geofence Alerts

Authorities can create and post geofence alerts on their Incident and Alert Map. People can access on web, mobile and social media.                                 


  • Create any size geofence zones

  • Alerts trigger when people are in or nearby

  • Post updates when the situation is resolved

  • Manage situations end to end

  • Location based, hyper relevant information

Geofence Alert u goround  GIS mapping software solution .png

First to Know Alerts

A First to Know Alert is sent to a Community First to Know Group. Responsible authorities can send important advice, instructions and alerts, and post to their dedicated Alert Map. 


  • We set up your First to Know group on the Map

  • Community can provide anonymous feedback in the alert

  • People join anonymously (no registration required)

  • Send Warnings, Incidents and Notifications

  • Send unlimited alerts for free

Examples of First to Know Groups

  1. City Quarters; 

  2. Towns and Villages;

  3. City Buildings;

  4. Places of Worship;

  5. Schools and Universities;

  6. Hospitals;

  7. Local County or Councils;

  8. Community Policing;

  9. Utilities: Water,Electricity, Gas Companies

We Create First to Know Group u goround  GIS mapping software solution .png

Event Layers

Create custom (GIS) layers on your Alert Map. List event locations that can be updated as situations evolve over time. All web based. No app required!


  • Create any type of event layer

  • Information can be updated 

  • Promote transparency with your community 

  • People can submit anonymous feedback

  • Track trends for related incidents​​

event layers u goround  GIS mapping software solution .png

Geo Surveys

A useful tool to manage location based events and situations. Survey replies are 100% anonymous, but will display the location where the reply was submitted. This intel allows authorities to deploy resources where needed most.


  • Create anonymous geo surveys

  • Responses display location based issues/sentiment

  • Ideal for crises and emergencies

  • Deploy resources where needed

  • Capture location analytics

Geo Survey u goround  GIS mapping software solution .png

Private Group Alerts

Deploy a Private Group and manage personnel in any situation. Your members ‘last known’ location will be visible on the map. Send Omni-channel communication - SMS, Email and Push Notifications.


  • Create Private (member only) groups

  • Locate (not track) members on the map

  • Send omni channel alerts: SMS/Email/Push

  • Send Check In Requests: Are you Safe?

  • Ideal for ‘in the field’ personnel

private group alerts u goround  GIS mapping software solution png

Rating and Feedback

All Alerts include a rating and feedback option. Gain insights and improve alert efficiencies. Make sure your message is getting through.  

Allow people to submit anonymous feedback in the Alert.

If someone knows something, it's easy to say something!


  • All Commands come with built in analytics module

  • Measure your performance and build trust

  • Allow people to comment (anonymously if they wish)

  • Ideal for community engagement applications

rating and feedback u go round  GIS mapping software solution png

The Platform for all Hazard Notifications

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