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We are delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Geeks Without Frontiers (Geeks), a distinguished non-profit organization headquartered in Austin, Texas.


Together, we are collaborating under the umbrella of the N50 Project, an industry-wide initiative, to extend digital solutions and address various United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including health, education, poverty reduction, and digital equality, for the over 3 billion people still unconnected worldwide.


UgoRound has earned recognition for its simple to use Geographic Information System (GIS) that enables communities to access map based warnings, incidents and helpful notifications. The system has been designed to meet the goals and requirements of Target G of the Sendai Framework.  Through our alliance with Geeks Without Frontiers, a renowned advocate for resilient technology solutions, we reaffirm our dedication to narrowing the digital divide and empowering communities with potentially lifesaving information both before, during and in the recovery of disasters and emergencies.


Gavin Bernstein, CEO of UgoRound, expressed, “We are privileged to collaborate with Geeks Without Frontiers and contribute to the esteemed N50 Project. Our shared mission emphasizes the belief that everyone deserves access to vital information. The UgoRound GIS platform will play a pivotal role in delivering accessible digital warnings both via web and the mobile app.”

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